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How often should I get facials and why?
Facials are often thought to be a luxury — something you do while traveling for vacation or maybe to prepare for a wedding or other special occasions.  On the contrary, making regular facial treatments a part of your self-care regimen can benefit you in many ways, including preventing the signs of aging, reversing the effects of sun damage and improving your general health.  You probably see your Dentist twice a year for regular cleanings to check up on your oral health.  Likewise, you should visit your Skin Therapist for regular facial treatments.  Additionally, the therapeutic touch you will experience during facials produces a calming effect which signals the brain to start producing the antidepressant hormone oxytocin and the happiness hormone serotonin.  These hormones can boost everything from self-esteem to wound healing. 

If it’s been a while since your last facial or you’ve never experienced the relaxing benefits of being treated by a Professional Skin Therapist, we encourage you to make time for monthly facials.  Breathe new life into your skin. Call 913-685-4866 today for more information or to schedule an appointment for a facial.


 Skin Script
Your Prescription for Skin Care

What's the difference in clinical skin care from Spatique and
over-the-counter, MLM or home party plan products?

Over-the-Counter Products

Professional, Clinical Products

Made in large batches for
the masses

Made in small batches
to ensure efficacy

Low percentage of
active ingredients

High levels of
active ingredients

Contains fillers

Chirally correct; clinical
and corrective

Smells good; added fragrances influence sensory response

No colors, dyes or fragrances
are added; paraben-free

Probably have a high pH level

pH adjusted

Made of large molecules

Product molecules are small

Sits on top of skin; feels good

Penetrates skin;
treats skin condition

Purchased at department stores, online or from direct sales consultants

Sold only by
Licensed Professionals

Usually pricey for what
you really get

Reasonably priced for
quality ingredients


Get your Skin Script prescription for skin care at Spatique

Regular facials in conjunction with your professionally, and personally prescribed home care regimen will result in healthier, smoother, more appealing skin and a boost to your self-esteem.

New Clients: Please schedule one of our Essential Facials, so we can properly analyze your skin before recommending your home care.
Naturally Corrective SkinCare available at Spatique

Clinical Home Care Regime

 If we have seen you for a treatment, use our online store to order your home care products.  If you are a new client, please schedule a Facial or skin care consultation, so we can properly analyze your skin and assist you with a customized home care plan.



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