Body Sugaring Hair Removal

 Spatique is Kansas City's premier skin care center offering the art of Body Sugaring as an exclusive method of hair removal.

All Natural Body Sugaring Hair Removal

Naturally eliminate unwanted hair with the art of body sugaring.  Body sugaring hair removal works well for all skin types, sensitivities and hair textures.  It's never hot, so it can't burn your skin; and sugaring will not leave your skin feeling sticky after your service.  

Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth, making it possible to remove hair as short as 1/16 of an inch.  Sugaring is more than an "in and out" hair removal service.  It's an advanced skin treatment that provides the additional benefit helping to eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating dead skin cells.  Because it never adheres to live cells, it will not damage delicate facial skin or any skin on your body.  Treatments are completely sanitary and begin to diminish the hair follicle with regular visits, leading to permanency and leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin.  Click here to see how body sugaring hair removal works. 

I believe that once you experience the art of body sugaring hair removal and how it benefits the skin, you will never want to use any other hair removal method.  ~Shonda

How to prepare for your Body Sugaring appointment.

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"Our gift to you with every service is healthier 

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Body Sugaring Pre-Treatment Advice

For best results, do not exfoliate the day before, the day of, or the day after treatment.

It is best not to tan or exercise prior to treatment.

No creams or lotions applied 24 hours prior to treatment. The exception to this would be BodySoothe™ After Care Lotion.

We suggest you DO NOT schedule your appointment:Do not use razors or depilatory creams between treatments, as this will interfere with your goal to refine and diminish your hair growth, and to have smooth, healthy skin.

while on antibiotics

if you think you may have a virus

during your menstrual cycle, as you may be more sensitive


Regularly exfoliate using spa massage gloves.

Regularly cleanse and hydrate with products recommended by your Therapist. This will ensure your skin is in the best possible condition before and after treatment.

Remember extraction of the hair at 1/8” or less on a regular basis leads to permanency.

If you're new to Body Sugaring or you haven't been sugared in a while, stop shaving or using any other method of hair removal 7 days before your service.

 Body Sugaring Post-Treatment Advice

We recommend waiting 24 hours before exposing your skin to the sun, tanning beds or infrared lamps.

Do not exercise immediately following treatment.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting garments immediately following treatment.  We recommend bringing clean, cotton undergarments to wear after bikini sevices and a clean, cotton shirt to wear after having your chest or back sugared.

Avoid scratching or rubbing the skin after treatment.

Medical experts recommend abstaining from sexual activity for the first 48 hours after any type of bikini sugaring.  Your body is most susceptible during this time to outside bacteria which can cause infection.

Avoid perfume soaps or products with chemical irritants, and makeup 12 hours following a facial treatment.

Do not apply any of your own creams or lotions for 24 hours.

Following your bikini, underarm, chest or back treatment, your Therapist will apply a Hungarian Mud Mask. This will reduce inflammation and calm the skin. An After Sugar Lotion will then be applied to hydrate your skin.

Ask your Certified Sugaring Practitioner about pre and post care treatment products developed specifically for your Body Sugaring treatment.







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